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BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A Maryland food truck is being honored as one of the best in the country by the Food Network.

The network recognized the Flash Crabcake Company as one of the 26 best in the nation. The truck is owned by the Gordon family and has been on the streets for five years.

“They know what we do and now they said look we really want to honor you and we said we would be honored, because we’re humbled by what we do. My wife and I are both Baltimore kids, I was born at Hopkins, my wife was born at Mercy,” said Jeff Gordon, owner of Flash Crabcake Company.

With Gordon’s personal recipe, the company has been making the crab cakes for years. Regular customers are called, “Flash fans”.

The Food Network gave the company rave reviews, saying, “If you’re going to partake in the native crustacean, its best to have your cakes made by a bunch of lifelong locals like the folks at Flash. And thanks to their established relationship with shellfish purveyors, the Gordon family are able to keep their quality high and their prices low,”

Customers follow social media to find out where they are throughout the day, the truck was in Fells Point on Wednesday for lunch.

“I’ve been working down here for years, we were just joking in a meeting inside and we saw the van outside so we had to come out and get something,” said customer Vince Salamone.

The company was honored by the network as part of a “Road Trip of America’s Best On-The-Go Eats”. It was the only Maryland food truck to make the list, although Fava Pot in nearby Washington D.C. was also recognized.